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  • Miss Irish Rose 2015
  • Tallest Water Tower in Texas - located in Shamrock!
  • 2015 Shamrockin' to the Moon - BANQUET Featuring Alan Bean - Local Legendary Artist and Astronaut!
  • 2015 St. Patrick's Day Classic Auto Show
  • 2015 Donegal Contest HAS BEGUN!  MEN - Get To Growin'!
  • Shamrock is proud to be home of beautiful Historic Route 66 architecture
  • St. Patrick's Headquarters! The OFFICIAL State St. Patrick's Celebration!
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St. Patrick's Day History


Shamrock’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration was the idea of Glenn Truax, a Shamrock bandmaster.


He envisioned the town of Shamrock capitalizing on its Irish name and producing an annual one-day celebration to draw thousands of visitors to the Irish City.


With the help of the Shamrock Boosters Club, the first St. Patrick’s Day Festival was reeled off in successful fashion in 1938. The initial production attracted a few thousand people and 12 bands. The extravaganza continued to grow until World War II cancelled the annual celebration from 1941 until 1950.

The event was revived in 1950, when the American Legion and the Junior Chamber of Commerce co-sponsored the celebration. Then, the following year, the festival was cancelled due to the Korean conflict. In 1952, the Shamrock Chamber of Commerce took over the task and reactivated the event, which has since been held annually.


drew kathrine springerHCR83

Gov. Bill Clements attends St. Patrick's Day 1982

Most recently, on March 14th, 2013 – the 83rd Texas House Legislature passed HCR83, designating the Shamrock St. Patrick’s Day Celebration as

the official St. Patrick’s Day Celebration for the State of Texas. Drew Springer, District 68 Representative, seen left, with the help of his daughter Katherine, pass this bill through the House of Representatives.








Miss Irish Rose



Shamrock has a long history of St. Patrick's Day Pageantry with the Miss Irish Rose and the Lad n' Lassie. Join us this year in participating in the events!

See our lovely Colleen's debut at the Shamrockin' to the Moon St. Patrick's Day Banquet, March 13, 2015. Attend the crowning Saturday, March 14th, at 3pm in the Shamrock HS Auditiorium.


Informational Downloads


Miss Irish Rose:
Complete Entry Packet 





Vendor Info

Everyone looks forward to eating the delicious food of our street vendors during St. Patrick's weekend!  All vendors are welcome, but space is limited, so register early!  [All vendors must have a food permit. Packet available below includes a Temporary Food Permit application from the Texas Department of Health]

DOWNLOAD Outdoor Vendor Application




Donegal Contest

donegal sq



All competitors in the Donegal contest must meet at the announcer's stand at the parade at 10 a.m on March 14th, 2015. 


All true Donegal contestants must have started there beard ON or AFTER January 1, 2015.


Beards are judged on length, thickness, overall appearance and whether it is a true Donegal.


A Donegal beard is a whiskery fringe around the lower chin and jowls (see fig. 1). The razor is applied to the upper lip, upper chin and just above the collar line. All men caught on the streets of Shamrock without Donegals will be slammed in the Barefaced Jail to cool their heels while their beards grow to a thickness benefiting a true Irishman.

Weekly Event Calendar



Movie, Texas Theater @ 8pm

Movie, Texas Theater @ 8pm

Movie, Texas Theater @ 8pm